Our Mission

Our promise, with every service we offer, is to be ready to respond to our customers’ needs the moment they arise; urgent or otherwise. There’s no long-term commitment, no lock-in, no delay.

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Why wait for IT?

Any service as a service

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For CTO servers

We have the job on the bench upon receipt of your purchase order; we fulfil in days, not weeks as with most other major suppliers. Our extensive stockholding of chassis and parts, brought together by experienced engineers, and tested before despatch, enables us to meet your specific demands with a specific configuration, every time.

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For CPE requirements

We take care of the many repetitive tasks involved in configuration, enabling you to make better use of your internal resources and supporting your speed of response to customer requirements with a rapid turnaround service. We can supply the equipment and configure it, or you can route your own equipment to us for storage and configuration.

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For global projects

We take care of every detail, not just in configuring to order but also in taking the order carefully through every step of its journey, from the involvement of our engineers, through to quality testing and then through shipping and customs and on to delivery and installation. We also use a network of in-country affiliates to deal with problems along the way; no hold-ups and no confiscation of equipment which can often occur if documentation details, and particularly IOR compliance and export licenses, are not perfectly completed.

Our mission to make yours easier

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Any company involved in providing digital services knows about the time-consuming problems in sorting out customer premises equipment, configuring servers against an infinite matrix of variables, and – when it comes to shipping equipment internationally – endeavouring to secure a smooth, on-time, and efficiently and compliantly-documented journey to meet customs and international trade regulations.

Dealing directly with vendors can be frustrating. Dealing with government officials can bring challenges and delays you may never have anticipated. It’s not just the endless specifying – item by item, customer by customer, order by order, special requirement by special requirement, and destination by destination – the waiting for quotes, and having to put up with long lead times. In the fast-paced world of technology, customers want it now. Excotek remove the barriers to your ability to respond to this need.

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Minimise risk: Why slow down when you can speed up?

There’s a business impact to all this; delays in responding to your customers’ demands have a negative effect on time-to-revenue. There’s also an impact on customers’ perception of your efficiencies; a tarnished impression of how reliable, or otherwise, your services might be, and perhaps even a stimulus for customers to look more closely at your competition, just in case they feel they may ever need them.

Our management team

Our management team brings over 100 years’ combined experience in serving the logistics and practical needs of digital services providers.