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The end of complexity: focus on progress, not on paperwork

Group 9002

End-to-end order management

Operational agility for all your IT logistics, equipment configuration requirements, asset tracking, inventory streamlining, reverse logistics, and global deployments.

Global View’s graphic user interface enables you to create, view, and amend orders, and manage IOS updates, in a click.

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Time is money

We created Global View in response to the pressure that digital services providers face when dealing with tasks unrelated to their core skills, particularly given the volume and intricate attention to detail involved in many projects. Swinging into action can often be delayed by warehousing availability and stock issues, resource allocation, and deluges of documentation.
When that happens, the revenue opportunity is on the clock, and days tick away faster than minutes. Our aim was to shrink time, for you to be able to expand revenue.
Our combined senior management team experience, of over 100 years of fulfilling trade operational requirements, enabled us to deliver an easy-to-operate solution; with total customer control, through cleaner, and crisper, project and asset management tools and a tactical service you can call on as and when required, rather than carrying the overhead burden that might be involved.

Group 8905

Integration through the Global View API

To make things even easier, you can incorporate the Global View functionality into your own systems via our API. When you do this, you’ll have no need to log on to Global View; every option will become integrated to your own system and whenever you undertake an action, the information will come directly to Excotek for our immediate (and we mean immediate) action.

Why Wait?

The complete one-click solution to complex order management problems

Accelerate time to market

Your customers don’t want to wait; neither do you. Now you can put an end to time-consuming admin processes, raising purchase orders, checking multiple invoices, managing warehouse stock and orders, making phone calls, sending emails, and dedicating staff to tasks that Excotek can take care of all as part of our commitment to accelerating your time to market.

Group 8679


We can source the equipment for you, or you can send it in to our warehouse for holding against future orders. As the stock runs low, simply log on to Global View and replenish in a click. To view order status, or Excotek progress at the configuration stage; one click. Create project specific bundles to cut down even further on order collation and compilation; one click. Faster outcomes all round; one click.

Group 8775

Asset Tracking:

Can provide the means to command a view of all your assets wherever they may be. By applying an asset label to equipment that we configure on your behalf, or simply as a standalone requirement, we enable you to monitor an asset’s lifecycle and location through Global View.


Routine engineering and configuration tasks:

Many detailed hardware/software tasks can often be outside the scope of your existing resources. Simply place your request on Global View, assigning such tasks to the Excotek engineering team and we’ll take care of them. From adding new functionality to devices, updating or inserting new images, configuring or upgrading servers, and preparing Customer Premises Equipment, to recalling large numbers of devices for refresh, our team can turn your project round fast and you’ll have complete transparency of every stage of the process, with Global View.

Group 8856

Stock management:

We can source your parts and equipment and hold them in stock, taking the warehouse burden out of your business. Alternatively, you can simply send us the equipment you want held; either against future requirements, or simply as an inventory service. You’ll have a complete stock status view via Global View.

Group 8871

Reverse Logistics:

Bringing in equipment for refurbishment, replacement, returned due to staff departures, or any other reason, is a complex process that can eat up time and resource. Specialist requirements such as WEEE disposal require specialist knowledge, not just of the logistics involved, but also of the compliance and documentation necessary may not be within your core skills set. Once again, Excotek take care of the detail and the process. Once again, you can view step-by-step progress via Global View.

  • Create Request

    • Create a new request by project
    • Allow for entry of multiple reference number
    • Bundle or individual part selection
    • Upload config files per request
    • Allows for asset number placement
    • Deployment address and date entry
    • Full creation within 60 seconds
  • Cancel Request

    • Search by reference number
    • Individual job cancellations
    • Postpone individual requests for a later date
  • View Request

    • Search by reference number
    • Check progress on outstanding requests
    • Review completed requests
  • Receipts

    • Creation of new receipt notifications
    • Search by reference number
    • View all outstanding notifications
    • Amend or delete outstanding notifications
    • View all completed receipt notifications
  • Transfers

    • Allows you to move stock from one project into another project which is assigned to your log-in
    • Move excess stock once a project has finished
    • Balance you stock over multiple projects
  • Stock Reporting

    • Show real-time reporting by individual projects
    • Individual stock selection
    • View full quantity as well as free and allocated
    • Exportable to CSV / Excel
  • Other Reporting

    • Reporting by project and by date
    • Report on Completed / Outstanding / Cancelled Requests
    • View all current stock holding
    • Search requests by serial number / asset numbers.
    • Exportable to CSV / Excel
    • Show real-time reporting by individual projects
  • IOS Management

    • View all current IOS / Image files stored
    • Retire old IOS / Image files
    • Create new IOS / Image files
  • Modify Request

    • Search by date range
    • Amendment of the deployment date
    • Upload configuration file
  • Run-rate Reporting

    • Stock management by reporting on Run-rates
    • Product Run-Rates
    • Bundle Run-Rates
    • Show real-time reporting by individual projects
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