At Excotek, our mission is to make life simpler for our clients. With Prowise solutions, simplicity is also at its heart: making learning easier, more effective and more fun, through advanced technology solutions.


Market leading-learning solutions

Through our partnership with Prowise, we are able to provide our clients in the educational sector with market-leading learning solutions, including interactive touchscreens, free learning software, mounting systems and charging carts. Our ability to provide and maintain these solutions, in addition to our renowned capabilities providing CTO servers and other CPE (customer premise equipment) to schools, means that we are perfectly placed to provide the complete service to both existing and new clients.


5 year standard warranty

With a 5 year warranty, free software with no subscriptions, 4K Ultra HD displays, and high quality sound, microphones, and camera, and many more features, Prowise solutions deliver a class leading user experience in digital education solutions at an unprecedentedly low total cost of ownership. Something that we, at Excotek, wholeheartedly believe in.

Want to know more?

Excotek is a Prowise Certified Partner. For further information contact [email protected]

+44 (0) 1254 377 899