Configure to Order (CTO) servers

Choice, flexibility and speed

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Servers the way you want them, when you need them

Vendors supply standard part numbers, which doesn’t necessarily make their servers fit for purpose for every customer. The compelling point of difference for any digital service provider is defined by your ability to respond to your customers’ needs in a tailored fashion; delivering what they require, not just what the vendor makes available.

Your business - your choice

Excotek work with the world’s leading server vendors. We respect their products, we know their capabilities. We also understand their limitations.

A vendor’s ability to respond to individual customer requirements is hampered by their sheer size and stature; mass production is the secret of their success. This means that if the server configuration you require doesn’t match the spec in their catalogue, you end up with three choices:

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Over-specified servers; with perhaps more processing power or RAM than you needed. This adds costs unnecessarily; wasting money that can then erode profitability.

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Under-specified servers; good enough to meet the immediate task, just about; but you can always add in components later (despite the time and trouble that may involve.)

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Special orders; asking for a configured server to match your precise requirements; they can probably do it, but it will take between 4 and 6 weeks, and it will incur higher costs.

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The secret of Excotek’s success is that we don’t accept the status quo. To us, there is no such thing as a ‘special’ order. We configure servers to order for every need for every customer, and we do it fast. Our entire CTO Server operation is special.

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Flexibility is agility

Secure the competitive advantage

It’s ironic that the world of technology is about enabling greater efficiency and faster performance yet when it comes to sourcing the equipment to make it all happen; long lead times can often slow everything down.

Excotek respond to quote requests usually within an hour. Due to our pan-European buying power, we hold a comprehensive stock of server chassis and individual components in our own warehouse. When the quote is approved, we pick the parts, the server goes on the bench, and qualified engineers build the new server exactly as requested and then subject it to an internal quality assessment check.

You’ll be able to offer a tailored response on every project and deliver at speed; you’ll be in complete control of what goes in the server; you can even accommodate a future-proofed capability in the servers you supply to your customers. You’ll demonstrate excellent customer responsiveness and secure a clear competitive advantage. You’ll further enhance your reputation.

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Our speed of response is such that we can have the order on its way to your location within hours. This is what flexibility is about; hours, not days and not weeks.

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