Customer Premise Equipment (CPE)

Configuration and delivery

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Focus on business growth is about connecting your customers to the future. By empowering businesses to harness true agility, efficiency, and scalability, you enable them to realise the vision and reality of digital transformation. This is how service providers enrich their competitive advantage; delivering the digital world to customers.

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Dedicated device
management resource

Delivering the essential devices that make it all happen may not be where the battle for business is fought, but it’s certainly the front line where new and existing customers get dissatisfied if your response is less than lighting fast.

This is where Excotek comes in; right there at the point of contact, supporting the whole point of connectivity. We hold comprehensive chassis and individual parts in stock for configuring as required. Our engineers test before despatch, and we ship the kit to enable you to deliver customer satisfaction. We take all time-consuming, manual tasks of configuration, tedious administration, and often complex documentation for global projects off your hands.

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Equipment sourcing

Excotek can also hold in stock or obtain the devices on your behalf if required; as is often the situation with ad hoc or urgent customer requirements where you may not have the parts available. Our extensive partner ecosystem of specialist parts suppliers enables us to satisfy most requirements by immediate response (Next Day Delivery 90% SLA).

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Automated order control, visibility and tracking

We designed this service to enable our customers to streamline their own processes and accelerate time to revenue. We work faster. Our online customer portal, Global View, enables you to work faster too; no admin paperwork, form-filling, multiple invoice sorting, on-the-hoof PO prep and checking. It’s all click, drag, drop…deliver.

Global View offers an API for integration of the process steps directly into your own system. Everything you need to harness the benefit of speed is right there on the screen, whenever you need it; whenever you need Excotek to support your competitive advantage.

Want to know more?

Streamlined customer device management delivers a superior customer experience. Talk to Excotek now about gaining greater control, better use of internal resources, less admin hassle and faster time to revenue…all from the comfort of your own screen.

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