Global Fulfilment and Logistics

Accelerating global deployments simply by knowing the rules

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Time is never on your side when it comes to shipping IT equipment to overseas locations. Meanwhile, opportunity does not wait.

The tiniest slippage in paperwork can do more than just trigger delays of weeks; it can lead to equipment being confiscated by the authorities.

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A partner for uninterrupted growth

Our Global Fulfilment service enables our partners to deliver products and services in territories where they have no entity or presence.

As a partner in your global growth plans – supporting your requirements for ensuring the right kit gets where it needs to go, configured to your specifications, and with no hold-ups due to cross-border trade complications or lack of understanding of the small print – Excotek enable you to make confident promises, and keep them.

We know the rules, the procedures, and the exacting demands for detail. This level of practical familiarity with the essentials comes from our continuously repeated experience of preparing IT equipment for despatch, together with the documentation and export licences that need to accompany it, precisely as each country’s officials expect to see it.

Dual-use items destined for overseas locations requires an export licence, whether one or multiple products are included in the order. This is where the detail starts. This is where it can so easily go wrong for customers not confident with the process.

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Passport to project success

The key to any global project is not to go it alone.

Only the largest corporations can afford to have full-time logistics experts on staff all the time. Specialist external resource provides a focus on each stage of the global shipment process. The service we offer brings into play an established network of specialisms we can turn to for each project, each stage, and each country to deliver the two core facets of overcoming global logistics challenges:

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There are no short-cuts in the painstaking preparation that enables a global project to flow smoothly from point of embarkation to ultimate destination in the fastest possible time. The Excotek team know the rules and the requirements, as well as the most often-encountered mistakes companies make. We ensure correct classification of goods to make sure items are permitted and legal in the destination location. We also make sure you have no surprises due to unforeseen costs; calculating each cost for each stage of international shipping and tracking your order across its complete journey. You’ll be informed, in control, and on schedule.

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When you place your trust in Excotek to fulfil delivery promises beyond the reach of your own physical or intellectual resources, you’ll have on side not just our own experienced logistics professionals but also the global network of localised resources we have built over the years; access to people on-the-spot who know how to get things right if they ever go wrong. This provides the reassurance that even if problems do arise, project success will not be jeopardised.

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