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Prowise solutions are designed and made in-house to guarantee quality and longevity. But does your IT infrastructure have the same reliability?

At Excotek, we can ensure your organisation's IT is up to the challenge so your teachers can access their resources with confidence and students can rely on an engaging learning experience.

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Excotek provides infrastructure that is flexible, reliable and secure, it can help an enterprise meet its goals and provide a competitive edge in the market.

If an IT infrastructure is not properly implemented, businesses can face connectivity, productivity and security issues-like system disruptions and breaches. Overall, having a properly implemented infrastructure can be a factor in whether a business is profitable or not.

  1. Provide a positive customer experience by providing uninterrupted access to its website and online store.

  2. Develop and launch solutions to market with speed.

  3. Collect data in real time to make quick decisions.

  4. Improve employee productivity.

The components of IT infrastructure are made up of interdependent elements, and the two core groups of components are hardware and software. Hardware uses software-like an operating system-to work. And likewise, an operating system manages system resources and hardware. Operating systems also make connections between software applications and physical resources using networking components.

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Hardware components can include:

Desktop computers


Data centers





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Networks are comprised of switches, routers, hubs and servers. Switches connect network devices on local area networks (LAN) like routers, servers and other switches. Routers allow devices on different LANs to communicate and move packets between networks. Hubs connect multiple networking devices to act as a single component.

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A core hardware component needed for an enterprise IT infrastructure is a server. Servers are essentially computers that allow multiple users to access and share resources.

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Server room/datacentre

Organizations house multiple servers in rooms called server rooms or datacentres. Datacentres are the core of most networks.
Excotek work with the world's leading server vendors to provide a tailored response on every project and deliver at speed; you will be in complete control of the specification no matter how complex; you can even accommodate a future-proofed capability. You will demonstrate excellent customer responsiveness and secure a clear competitive advantage and further enhance your reputation.

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Traditional infrastructure

Excotek can offer traditional IT infrastructure which is made up of the usual hardware and software components: facilities, datacentre, servers, networking hardware desktop computers and enterprise application software solutions. Typically, this infrastructure setup requires more power, physical space and money than other infrastructure types. A traditional infrastructure is typically installed on-premises for company-only, or private, use.

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Cloud infrastructure

We can also offer cloud computing IT infrastructure which is similar to traditional infrastructure. However, end users can access the infrastructure via the internet, with the ability to use computing resources without installing on-premises through virtualization. Virtualization connects physical servers maintained by a service provider at any or many geographical locations. Then, it divides and abstracts resources, like storage, to make them accessible to users almost anywhere an internet connection can be made. Because cloud infrastructure is often public, it's usually referred to as a public cloud.

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Optimal IT infrastructure

IT infrastructure setups vary by business needs and goals, but some goals are universal for every enterprise. The optimal infrastructure will provide a business high-performance storage, a low-latency network, security, an optimized wide area network (WAN), virtualization and zero downtime.

  • High-performance storage systems store and back up data and include a data recovery system in case of disasters.
  • Low-latency networks use enterprise-level infrastructure components to reduce the delay of data flow.
  • Secure infrastructures include systems that control information access and data availability. It can also safeguard a business against breaches and cyberattacks wherever the data resides, maintaining the customers’ trust.

  • WANs manage the network by prioritizing traffic and giving certain applications more or less bandwidth as needed.
  • Virtualization provides faster server provisioning, increases uptime, improves disaster recovery and saves energy.
  • Zero downtime aims to reduce disruptions to business operations and eliminates system downtime to keep costs down and profits up.

We were extremely impressed by their level of knowledge and real-world technical expertise, which provided much needed peace of mind when delivering new and exciting technologies into our schools. The quality of service we received and the delivery of results the Trust were hoping for, made the engagement a huge success, and we look forward to working with the Excotek team in the future.


Tom Murray,

Network Manager, CSF United Learning Trust.

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Want to know more?
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