Tactical IT Supply Chain

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From high-spec CTO servers to networking and storage devices, it’s a complex and inexact task to correlate inventory and future customer requirements. It’s also close to impossible to predict when equipment is going to malfunction, or errors are going to be made in specifying parts. Either way, these are costly problems and they waste valuable time.

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Don’t sweat the small stuff

Not knowing precisely which eventuality you need to be prepared for, and when, the only way to cope with the issue is to be ready for all.

There’s a big difference between being prepared with a meet-all-comers deep and costly inventory, and being supported by an agile and resourceful IT Supply Chain partner with whom costs are only incurred when action is required. Excotek provide Problem Solving as a Service. When you need it, we’ll source, configure as required, bench-test, and deliver it. Usually next day.

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Standing still is not an option

While back-up servers enable business continuity and safeguard data, operations in an enterprise datacentre can still bring operations to a halt. The problems may be relatively quickly identified but the solutions can be where the headaches start:

  • How quickly can you source the required equipment?
  • How many suppliers do you know if the first one can’t deliver?
  • For less than the most basic components, a degree of configuration will be necessary; how capable is your supplier in completing engineering tasks confidently, while preserving vendor warranties?
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It’s not what you know;
it’s who you know

Excotek provide a fast reactive service for all IT Supply Chain needs enabling you to simply make the call, outline the problem, create the PO, and then take delivery sometimes within hours if not the very next day (Excotek overnight problem-solving has helped many of our customers resume normal service faster than they had ever dreamed was possible).

Our senior management team has a combined experience of almost 100 years of fulfilling IT supply needs for digital services providers. In that time, we have built a broad ecosystem of supply chain partners within every hardware specialism. If we happen not to have the item you need in our own warehouse, we know someone who will. This intensely well-stocked network of partners means we never have to say no; regardless how big or small the problem; we deliver the solution.

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Resolve your IT supply problems simply, swiftly, and smartly with a reliable partner that knows the importance of rapid response, and knows how to supply it.

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